Oregon–Day 3: To Hyatt Lake

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Wearing basically all the layers I brought with me, I was able to sleep at least part of the night. I will be getting a warmer sleeping back as soon as I can; this 30° bag is just not enough for me, even with the temperatures not going below 40°.

I got moving decently early, after draining quite a few blisters. My destination today is Hyatt Lake Campground, about 7 miles distance. A short hike, but it’s the only marked site for a while, and from what I saw last night there aren’t many good places to put a tent on the side of the trail in this area. It’s a mile past where I had been planning on sleeping last night, if I hadn’t gotten turned around yesterday.

The trail has its share of hills, but none all that steep. I make pretty decent time, since every time I try to stop a bunch of flies start buzzing my face. I pass a small lake on the way there, the aptly named Little Hyatt Reservoir; the campsite I had planned on staying at is at this little lake.

Soon enough I get to the junction for the campsite. There’s a half-height pine log fence to get over; a steep stair/ladder is provided, which is not the easiest thing to get over with a 60 lb pack. It feels like I’m just going to tip over while on the ground. The feeling’s even worse a few feet in the air.

Situated next to the group camping spot, the PCT spot is sized for one tent, though it may be possible to get a couple more squeezed in there. It costs $2 a night, but less than 50 feet from the site is a bathroom with free showers, so the price is more than worth it. I decided to do some ‘laundry’ while I was here, getting what dirt I could out of my socks and using the hand dryer as best I could to dry them off afterward.

After another cold dinner–for some reason, I haven’t been hungry since I started this hike, and so haven’t been wanting to cook–I left the food bag in the tent vestibule again. The campsite rules don’t mention bears, so it should be fine.

I decided to leave the blisters alone for the night, and will drain them tomorrow. Hopefully leaving them alone will let them heal some. I went to bed pretty early, wanting to get some sleep before the night’s chill set in.

Today’s Featured Image is a piece of one of Halfmile’s maps, free and highly detailed maps of the PCT that can be found here.

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1 thought on “Oregon–Day 3: To Hyatt Lake

  1. I’m also writing about my 2016 PCT hikes in Oregon and beyond. I live in Southern Oregon so it’s interesting to see your take on it.


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