Icelandic Adventure Day 17: To the Snaefells Peninsula

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Okay, if you hate spiders, DO NOT camp on the backside of the Borgarnes campsite. I’m guessing the campsite proper doesn’t have this problem because it’s not surrounded by bushes. Anyway, I woke up to probably 20 or so BIG spiders all over the netting of my tent. Like, 2 inch (5cm) diameter including the legs big. Thankfully all on the outside of the netting. Don’t worry, I was too busy trying to get them all off the tent to be able to leave without them falling on me to take any pictures. Blegh. If you decide to camp back here, just be sure to close the zippers fully. You do get a nice view…

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Anyway, Blue and I missed the earliest bus out to the Snaefells peninsula, so we explored Borgarnes. Besides the main bus stop, it’s a quiet little town, and there doesn’t seem to be much to do here. Still, it’s right on the ocean, so there’s some pretty nice views.

During our wandering, we find a cute little café, Kaffi Kyrrd, on the far edge of the peninsula that is Borgarnes. It’s got plenty of knick-knacks for souvenirs, great food, tons of pictures on the walls, and a nice view of the nearby mountains from the back porch.

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

We still have a few hours to kill, so we keep wandering. There’s quite a few sculptures, monuments, and 3D artwork pieces scattered around the island.

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

I like Icelandic humor.

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Well, hello there…

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

After a while, it’s time to pack up our tents and go. No spiders this time, thankfully, but I did notice this little guy in the nearby bushes.

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Then it’s off to the bus, and to the Snaefells peninsula. There’s a ton of little waterfalls in Iceland, even right next to the roads.

Icelandic Adventure Day 17

Today, we’re just going to Olafsvik, on the northern edge of Snaefellsnes, or the Snaefells peninsula. Since he lost his wallet and is having to borrow money, this area is a bit pricey for Blue. He decides to head back to Borgarnes tomorrow while I go on to the Arnarstapi coastline.

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