Location Spotlight: Kaokoland region, Namibia

Welcome to my three-day trip plan series! On the fourth Friday of every month, I will focus on a location or event from around the world and plan a three-day trip at that location or event. These trip plans will have frugality in mind (I have student loans and still want a chance of taking these trips) although the experience is the main point, and I will try to include natural, cultural, and tourist-y “must-see” attractions in each plan. Let’s get started!

On the Northern edge of Namibia, bordering Angola, is the region of Kuene, also called Kaokoland. The largest town in this region and the region’s capital is Opuwo [1]. Activities in this area are relatively spread out, so the region is the focus of this month’s Spotlight, and Opuwo used as a reference point.


Epupa Falls
via: http://www.namibweb.com/epupa.htm

About 40 miles north of Opuwo, Epupa Falls is located right on the Nabimia/Angola border. There are excursions from Opuwo to Epupa Falls, or you can stay in the Safari-style tents near the falls and spend more time exploring the area’s nature walks and villages, or spend a day river rafting [2].


The Khowarib Lodge is located about 40 miles south of Opuwo, and has both a lodge and camping accommodations available. The lodge offers many excursions; the one we’ll be focusing on here is the desert elephant experience [3].

Desert Elephant
via: http://www.namibweb.com/elephant.htm

These Northern Namibian elephants are one of two known populations of desert-dwelling elephants. They are smaller than typical elephants and have larger feet [4]. The Khowarib Lodge offers day-long excursions to visit these endangered animals.


via: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1255/

About 100 miles south of Opuwo is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontien, one of the largest collections of petroglyphs in the world. These petroglyphs provide over 2000 years of records of the hunter-gatherer communities that once lived in Northern Namibia [5]. There is also a lodge in the area, providing accommodations and other potential activities.

Other Considerations

Of course, it is often the case that the best parts of any trip are those not planned for at all. Keep an eye out for interesting things, and don’t be afraid to change plans; it may just make for the highlight of your trip!

Have any events or locations you want to travel to? Have anything to add to this post? Leave a comment below!
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