Oregon Adventure Day 10: To Portland

Photo via: https://www.hiusa.org/hostels/oregon/portland/northwest

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Rick drove me to the bus terminal in time to make the earlier bus to Portland. I was on the southern edge of the state, and Portland is on the northern, so I had a long bus ride to Portland. I finished up quite a bit of my audiobook during the trip.

Hours after leaving, I arrived in Portland. Since I was planning on being on-trail and without cell service, I hadn’t brought my phone with me (I had an MP3 for the audiobook). This proved to be interesting when trying to track down a hostel. I ended up getting really lucky; the bus station was only a couple miles from a hostel, and someone I happened on in the street happened to know the general area of the hostel and pointed me in the right direction. Closer to the hostel, I met two guys from Tasmania who were hiking around the country and headed to the same hostel. Together, we ended up finding the Hostelling International Portland Northwest Hostel (Yes, Hostelling is spelled like that in this case). The three of us reserved the last three beds for the night.

There’s a few large rooms that hold all the cots; these rooms consist of four areas–a main room, two small offshoots, and a bathroom. 8-10 people can fit into each of these large rooms. I was in one of the side rooms with three other people.

HI Portland Northwest is a great hostel. It has two very nice kitchens and a gorgeous backyard patio. There’s a large wall dedicated to things to do in Portland, many of which are free, and everyone is very friendly. The hostel also has a deal with a local bakery, which donates the bread it doesn’t sell by the end of the day, so there’s free breakfast (if you like bread).

My feet were still healing up from my time on the PCT, and between the bus ride and tracking down the hostel it was heading into the evening, so I decided to stay in for the rest of the night.

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