Oregon Trip Day 5: To Brown Mountain Shelter

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The Featured Image is from Halfmile’s PCT maps, which can be found here.

A bit of organization at night helps with getting started in the morning. I was able to get my pack ready to go much faster than I have the past few mornings, so I started moving on sooner as well, starting the thirteen or so miles to Brown Mountain Shelter. It was the next nice spot to camp in, so I decided to hike a bit further than I had the prior few days.

A couple hours in, I heard a couple sets of footsteps behind me. Speeding down the trail behind me were “Turkey” and her dog, Cormic. They’re a couple of experienced thru-hikers getting the last few days of on-trail training done. These two are ultralight backpackers, and Turkey’s pack was about the size of a typical school backpack and weighed about half of what mine did.  We chatted for a few minutes, and I learned those two were also going to be staying the night in the shelter.

Those two were quick. I managed to keep up with Turkey and Cormic over all the fallen trees for maybe an hour before I couldn’t keep up the pace, and the two started pulling ahead. It wasn’t long before I lost sight of them, and I was again hiking alone.

That day was a long one. It was many hours later, less than an hour before dusk, when I finally made it to the cabin. In the last couple hours before full dark, Turkey and I made our dinners, and she gave me quite a few tips on how to decrease my pack weight, which was then around 60 lbs. After that, we set up our sleeping pads. In my case, that involved duct taping a massive hole in my pad. I’m guessing it was damaged climbing over one of the many trees.

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